Using Molecular Bonding, the Strongest Bond in the Universe, Quantum Creates 100% Protected Surfaces.

Quantum products protect, preserve and enhance your assets. Recognizing covalent bonds as the strongest bond in the universe, we harness molecular and nanotechnology in coatings that outperform traditional products. By linking nano-particles with the surface, we’ve taken the science of covalant and ionic bonds a quantum leap forward.

To create a covalently bonded single surface, our products effectively “weld” substrates with nano-sized quartz particles. The result is a union with unparalleled strength, hardness and durability. Like quartz, which is made up of covalently bound silicon dioxide, the bond between coating and substrate forms a virtually indestructible union.

The use of nano-size quartz particles in Quantum products yields surfaces completely covered and protected. Unlike traditional coatings, which often develop holes that allow moisture penetration and dirt build-up, ours are virtually impenetrable.