We provide the science of surface protection using advanced nanotechnology coatings

Intuitive Coatings is the sole IP owner and developer of our next generation asset protection coatings. We have created an entirely unique way of merging the benefits of extremely hard, durable surfaces with the benefits of chemically resistant and flexible organic surfaces.

The result is coating technology which can be applied to nearly any surface while using the air to harden and cure. Importantly, our coatings adhere to the most strict environmental standards in the US.


Highly Acid Resistant Invisible Sealer created for Polished Concrete floors and countertops. We currently have the only acid resistant sealer on the market...

Our hydrophobic glass treatment has been tested and proven to increase solar panel energy output by 3%..


When used as an adhesion layer, our Nano-Adhesive Primer allows nearly any coating to bond to nearly any surface...

Intuitive Coatings successfully developed a coating for the equine industry: Laminitis can now be easily prevented and cured...


Quantum is a distributor of next generation coatings and sealants leading the way in 21st century innovation. Using current nanotechnology, our products covalently bond at a molecular level with substrates rather than merely adhering to them as competitive products do. The result is a surface that is:...