The science of surface protection takes a quantum leap forward with Coval Molecular Coatings.

Leading edge products employing the very latest 21st century molecular technology to deliver even higher levels of protection. That’s Coval. Products that have not simply taken nano technology onto a new level, but surpassed it. And along the way set new standards in surface protection.


Cheap New Coating Could Enhance Aircraft Aerodynamics By Mary Grady, Contributing editor Click here to listen to the podcast. Rick Stenberg, the CEO of Coval Molecular Coatings, said this week at the CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium that his product could potentially provide a super-thin, lightweight, smooth and durable coating for aircraft...


We have assembled a series of videos to help you understand our product line. These videos will walk you through our different products and provide you with a clear understanding of what can be accomplished for each. These are short videos that we produced so that you can readily see how Quantum Coatings and Sealants can be used in day-to-day real world applications...


Quantum is a distributor of next generation coatings and sealants leading the way in 21st century innovation. Using current nanotechnology, our product line covalently bonds at a molecular level with substrates rather than merely adhering to them as competitive products do. The result is a surface that is:...