Through the Power of Nanotechnology, Quantum Takes the Science of Surface Protection into the 21st Century.

Quantum’s products apply 21st century molecular and nanotechnology pushing the science of surface protection a quantum leap in coating technology. Headed by four professionals with more than 60 years of collective experience in coating product development, applications, construction, automotive paint & body and manufacturing, Quantum delivers custom solutions for the most challenging problems.

Developed with tiny nano-sized quartz, our molecular coatings deliver levels of protection that surpass yesterday’s standards. Our applications harness the power of nanotechnology to meet the needs of product manufacturers, developers, builders, property owners, facility managers and others interested in product performance, asset protection and reduced maintenance costs.

Quantum’s new generation of natural, eco-friendly, environmentally safe products meet all current environmental standards and outperforms traditional offerings in:
  • Durability
  • UV Stability
  • Application Ease
  • Increased Asset Longevity
  • Compelling Cost-effectiveness
  • Low or Zero VOCs