Quantum Products Lead the Way in Molecular Nanotechnology and 21st Century Innovation.

Quantum is a distributor of next generation coatings and sealants leading the way in 21st century innovation. Using current nanotechnology, our product line covalently bonds at a molecular level with substrates rather than merely adhering to them as competitive products do. The result is a surface that is:

1. Eco-friendly/Environmentally Safe
  • Made with organic, natural materials
  • Low or zero VOCs
  • Passes all EPA regulations and requirements
  • Surpasses AQMD requirements

2. Cost-effective
  • A single component, single coat system
  • Outperforms competitors in initial capital outlay, ongoing maintenance costs and asset longevity
  • Applied in a very thin layer, reducing costs since a little goes a long way
  • Ideal for historic buildings that can’t appear “sealed”

3. 100% UV stable
  • Adds a layer of protection to paint
  • Slows deterioration and fading
  • Will not be adversely affected by UV ray exposure

4. Long-lasting
  • Extends the life of equipment, machinery, buildings and civic landmarks
  • Effective corrosion mitigation
  • Takes nanotechnology to new levels of performance
  • Protects assets for years
  • Backed by a limited warranty

5. Durable
  • Sc39.11 on the ASTM Taber Abrasive test
  • 70-75 on the Rockwell Scale
  • 7-7.5 on the Mohs Scale.
  • A diamond is 100 on the Rockwell Scale and 10 on the Mohs
  • Highly resistant to normal wear and tear
  • In most circumstances re-applicaton will not be required for years.

6. Easy to apply
  • Minimal cleaning preparation needed
  • No need for pre-application stripping
  • Use of minimal product speeds application
  • Dry to the touch in two–three hours
  • Fully dry in less than five hours
  • Fully cured in seven days
  • In damp climates, it’s unnecessary to wait for clear weather to apply
  • One-pot systems are ready for shaking, opening and immediate application

7. Easy to maintain
  • Water and mild cleaners keep surfaces in pristine condition
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs such as polishing floors in supermarkets, malls and hospitals
  • Reduces ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs

Click Here For Product Demonstration Videos

These short videos will help you learn how Quantum Coating’s and Sealants line of products are used in day-to-day applications and what can be accomplished using each product . By seeing how our different products are applied in real-world challenges and how they can be used to solve everyday problems, you’ll gain an understanding of how the Quantum line can help you preserve and protect your property.