Through Molecular Bonding, Quantum Creates Superior Barriers Against Natural and Man-Made Damage. products_header

While other coatings merely sit on the substrate surface, Quantum uses covalent and ionic molecular bonds to create superior barriers against moisture, mold, stains, scratches and graffiti. Because nano particles in our products become one with the surface to which they are applied, our coatings and sealants offer a leading edge including anti-graffiti protection.

All Quantum coatings for metal, concrete, wood, stone, circuitry, in addition to our anti-graffiti sealants, are non-breathable and waterproof. They coat the surface of the substrate with a gloss, satin or matte finish and provide a nonpermeable barrier against natural and man-made damage.

All have less than 100g/L VOCs, meet high current air quality standards and are carcinogen-free under California Prop 65. They require no harsh chemical cleaning, thus preserving the life of the substrate.

Quantum sealers can be used on virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, stone, tiles and fabric. All are breathable, stain and water-repellent. By penetrating the substrate surface, they repel moisture, stains and mold from within. Because they are virtually invisible, they are ideal for use on historic and protected buildings.

Quantum sealers have low to zero VOCs and are carcinogen-free under California Prop 65. They harm neither plants nor animals, are long-lasting, easy to clean and reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of the substrate.